Six Apps That Help You Stick To A Budget
ContentBest For Managing Investments And TransactionsFollow The Verge Online:Money In ExcelWhat Is The Best Budget Software? If you are using Windows, the prices are just a bit steeper. You can expect to pay anywhere between $51.99 to $103.99 per year and can select your choice out of three plans. There are limited versions for Mac, […]
offline budget software

If you are using Windows, the prices are just a bit steeper. You can expect to pay anywhere between $51.99 to $103.99 per year and can select your choice out of three plans. There are limited versions for Mac, and you will not be given the option to Quicken's most powerful version, Home and Business. I have found that Quicken is still the best and I don’t mind paying the yearly subscription. I find the reporting and investment tracking better than the other offline applications. They all have their drawbacks, but I found quicken to have the least amount of them. She has been writing about personal finance topics for over six years.

Like several of the best alternatives to Quicken, this program provides a strong option for budgeting. Where it really shines, however, is with its financial forecasting. I say a “realistic” budget because YNAB’s philosophy is that a budget is fluid. Therefore, they believe your budget should be adjusted frequently in response to whatever is going on in your life. That’s why YNAB makes it so easy to move money between spending categories to keep your budget balanced. MoneyPatrol also provides a comprehensive alert and notification system. You’ll get text or email notifications whenever money moves out of your account.

  • Moneyspire supports online bill payments though via both Direct Connect and its own Moneyspire Connect service both of which are free to use.
  • The Simple Dollar recommends four systems, each with different advantages and disadvantages that make them work for different people.
  • I just use an excel spreadsheet thats formatted to take a copy paste from my bank/cc .csv transaction list, then I go through and categorize the transactions for the past month.
  • That said, you will regularly get calls from advisers whose goal is to have you upgrade to a paid service.

Longtime Quicken users are familiar with the software’s top-notch budgeting, planning, and spending-analysis tools that have long complemented their robust account-management features. Quicken lets you transfer money between accounts at different institutions, provides specialized investment reports, and helps you create a tailored plan to pay down your debt.

Best For Managing Investments And Transactions

I want to privately manage my savings and checking accounts with the use of charts. A top contributor did not read my question and typed in nonsense. I called this person out and said, read the question before running your mouth and Quicken blocked me because I was the bad person in their scenario. In reading other reviews, I see Moneyspire as a good replacement program for Quicken to check transactions. Even with a portfolio that includes business income, real estate, and paper assets, I have never found a need to move away from Excel where I can custom design my fields and how I track them.

The free version of Goodbudget includes 10 e-envelopes, and works with one account for up to two devices. It’s based on the cash envelope system and gives you electronic envelopes to put your spending money in when you create your budget. There are a few differences between EveryDollar and YNAB. YNAB has investment tracking and bill management, whereas EveryDollar does not. It pulls together current spending numbers, spending goals and more to help make sure you’re on track to save enough for retirement.

Every service reviewed here has what's called a dashboard, or home page, you see when you first log retained earnings in. It may be worth experimenting with the free trial before you choose to invest in this one.

Is there a free alternative to Quicken?

Personal Capital–Editor's Choice. Personal Capital is the clear winner when it comes to finding a substitute for Quicken. It's free and it offers tools to manage every aspect of your finances.

You can also use it to check your investments for expensive fees and calculate whether you’re saving enough for retirement. Again, these tools are all 100% free and at your disposal after a simple sign up process. Moneyspire lets you easily move from your existing Microsoft Money personal finance software with its extensive importing options. Mint is actually a replacement for an older app called Mint Bills. Both are developed by Intuit, the same company that does TurboTax. You can see everything in one place, manage your bills and money, and even pay your bills if you want to.

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Donald, I would be very careful and not throw away Q any time soon. If you didn’t have some of the more complex transactions, you might be fine. The only thing that had been holding me back was the import issue. MD seems to have everything I need; local files, no cloud, portfolio management, bank import, offline budget software reasonable cost and no dicking around with silly passwords and accounts and such. While many of these noted here are fine check register and money management, I do not see one that includes online bill payment integration. I’ve used Mint for years, but recent changes have made it almost unusable.

Tag every check you write to a subcontractor and every swipe of your Home Depot® Consumer Credit Cardwith “home reno,” and you can see whether you’re sticking to what you intended to spend. You can also add a “target” number to limit your spending in that category to a specific dollar amount. When financial pressures increase, it's easy to turn to measures like the lottery.

You’ll only pay if you decide to use their advisory services. There’s a $25,000 minimum investment for this service, which is higher than competitor websites.

offline budget software

What’s reassuring about Personal Capital is that it doesn’t actually handle your log in details at all. It uses Yodlee which is a highly secure financial credentials management system used by major banks and investment institutions worldwide.

Very similar to the Every Dollar tool and Ramsey philosophy. Greg Johnson is the co-founder of Club Thrifty and an expert in personal finance, family travel, and credit card rewards. His work and commentary have been featured in publications like Newsweek, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance, Dough Roller,, and more. With CountAbout, you can also run financial reports at any time throughout the year.

All of these checkbook register software are packed with really handy and easy-to-use features and functionalities to help you manage your money in the best possible way. is a personal or small-business financial accounting program that is available for Windows and other platforms. This checkbook software for Windows 10 is designed in such a way that it’s effortless to use even for beginners. The checkbook software allows you to directly connect to your financial institution via a safe connection. Other features include check printing capacities as well. With the help of checkbook register software, you'll be able to better manage your budget and reach all your financial goals.

Money In Excel

Mac and PC versions are available, as are online and offline options. Some Quicken versions are designed for small business management, while others are designed to help manage your personal home budget. Quicken allows you to track multiple types of financial accounts, create custom spending categories and set up spending limits for each. As transactions are entered, the software displays progress bars so you can see how closely you're sticking to the budget. Let’s face it, making a budget and figuring out what you’re spending or making each month may not be your idea of a good time.

offline budget software

It features all kinds of fine details and allows you to set limits by category. Thus, you can decide how much to spend on cloths, entertainment, etc. Additionally, it features 100% offline support, no ads, no in-app purchases, and a themed, Material Design interface.

Although YNAB can sync across all devices, note that it uses Dropbox for syncing and doesn’t offer its own Cloud syncing service or syncing via iCloud. YNAB claims that new users save on average $200 in their first month and more than $3000 by month nine although this of course won’t be true for everyone. Although You Need a Budget can’t fully compare with Quicken, if you’re looking for the best budgeting software for your Mac, its definitely a contender. More recently there’s now an SEE Finance iOS app for iPhone and iPad that syncs with the Mac version via iCloud. It also works with OFX Direct Connection downloads if your bank supports it. This is easy to setup and use in SEE Finance and pretty reliable at syncing and updating account. Note however that SEE Finance 2 does not support Bill Pay.

What Is The Best Budget Software?

Lunch Money is a delightfully simple budgeting app that was created for today’s spender. Add Wally to the long list of YNAB alternatives that could be a good choice for you. Wally is pretty basic compared to YNAB, although the Gold version offers a lot more features than the free version. And reviewers say that it’s not quite as user-friendly as YNAB.

As of March 2021, it costs $11.99 a month or $84 for an annual plan. Affectionately known as YNAB, You Need a Budget is an extremely popular personal finance app.

offline budget software

Although you can make a DIY version of YNAB and Mvelopes, DIY projects are exhausting. The average American has about six credit cards, according to Experian. If you forget to update your spreadsheet, you may spend more than you realize. Exemplified by Mvelopes and YNAB, zero-based budgeting requires you to cover every expense, including savings, by a source of income. The most popular way to do this is by divvying up your income by category and subtracting your expenses from each category until you hit zero. People were budgeting well before apps or iPhones or any of society’s modern advances—and they can do it again.

If you’ve got a lot of accounts saved in Microsoft Money on Windows, Moneyspire can also import MS Money files. You can import QIF files from Quicken and likewise, bookkeeping export your accounts to QIF if you move back to Quicken at a later date. For more information, you can check out our full Personal Capital review.

Goodbudget and YNAB are alike in that they both utilize an electronic version of the cash envelope system. The one downside to Goodbudget is that it can’t sync with your bank so all transactions must be done manually. The website says it’ll help you create your first budget in less than 10 minutes. It’s a simple program that’s fairly easy to use for people of almost any technical skill level. EveryDollaris the budgeting brainchild of well-known personal finance expert Dave Ramsey. Mintwas founded in 2006 and is currently owned by Intuit.

For a more in-depth look, you can also read our full Banktivity review. Banktivity is designed exclusively for the Apple ecosystem with iOS apps to help you monitor and enter transactions on the move.

What is the best accounting software for personal use?

The 5 Best Accounting Software of 2021Best Overall: QuickBooks Online.
Best Solution for Individuals: Quicken.
Best Free Solution for Home Use: Mint.
Best Solution for Businesses: Wave.
Best for Micro-Businesses & Freelancers: QuickBooks Self-Employed.

Pocketguard is an app that allows you to make sense of your finances and save money. It has an attractive interface and is extremely simple, making it perfect for those who want to track their finances without any of the added frills some other apps have. You Need a Budget is hands down the best budgeting software package out there.

Moneydance has all of the features of Quicken including online banking and bill payments, bill attachments and arguably has better investment tracking and budgeting tools than Quicken. The Personal Capital iOS app is one of the best personal finance apps for iPad or iPhone we’ve tried, allowing you to manage and monitor your finances wherever you are.

Some financial software only allows one user per license and some don’t support more than one profile so bear this in mind if you’re intending to use the program with other. Of course, you can do this easily by setting up a Direct Debit with your bank for things such as utility bills but Bill Pay enables your finance app to track them more easily. Finally, if you’re looking for something that can double as both a budgeting app and accounting software on your Mac, MoneyWorks might be for you. MoneyWell also supports Direct Connect so that you can automatically pay bills from your bank account. YNAB also does not support multiple currencies or investment tracking so it’s not really suitable for those who have a big investment portfolio.

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