The 6 Best Weed Eaters Of 2021
ContentBest Gas Weed Eaters For All Yard SizesLawnmaster Nptgss2617a NoShaft TypePractice Cutting TechniquesCutting DiameterBest Tactical Flashlight Reviews: Ideal For Combat Or EmergencyEasy To Change Strings Very easy to operate and lightweight hence perfect for individuals who haven’t used the trimmers before. The unit will cut through everything which means it is overpowered and is not […]

Very easy to operate and lightweight hence perfect for individuals who haven’t used the trimmers before. The unit will cut through everything which means it is overpowered and is not so ideal for delicate trimming tasks. You can use TrimmerPlus attachments to convert them to other powerful tools. Comes with an impressive 30 cc engine that is suitable for tough grass and commercial grade jobs.

The shaft is designed ergonomically, and you can hold it facing down. A curved shaft maneuvers easily, and seeing how the strings will be parallel to the ground, you will be cutting in straight lines. A straight shaft trimmer is great for thick bushes and weeds, as it allows you to reach longer. For edging, turn your battery powered weed eater so that the string is vertical, and walk the tool directly into the just cut path.

Best Gas Weed Eaters For All Yard Sizes

I created this website to help people like you find the best products for yard care and great advice. Before storage, allow your trimmer to cool, brush off any debris or clippings, and apply any necessary lubrication. All metal surfaces can be sprayed with a light oil to prevent rust.

“This gas-powered trimmer is exceptionally easy to start, has a ton of power for cutting through tall weeds and has reduced vibration which is great for longer use,” Bateman explained. Although sold out on STIHL’s own website, you can find the model at Ace Hardware and receive free in-store or curbside pick up with it. A battery powered string trimmer will run with less noise and feature batteries that usually are often compatible with other indoor and outdoor power tools. If you’re wondering how the batteries on string trimmer compare, Hudson suggested looking at total watts on each. A gas string trimmer “provides power to handle the toughest jobs without the need of an extension cord.” Hudson recommended using non-ethanol gasoline for the best performance. The handle also can be positioned so that both right- and left-handed individuals can use the trimmer without a problem.

Lawnmaster Nptgss2617a No

Most of the time when the string broke, the line would be welded/melted together inside the head. Using a string trimmer for 10 or 15 minutes may not seem to bother your hearing, however, the reality proves to be much different. We measured the sound pressure at 50-feet, per ANSI specs, and we also tested this at the operator’s ear as well.

As far as usability, it is a great unit for small yards or even as a backup or secondary unit for commercial landscaping or yard cutting business. Its ergonomic design makes it more fuel-efficient and comfortable to handle as well. The weed eater has a big cutting diameter, at least equal to most heavy-duty and commercial trimmers. However, motor-wise, it measures a few cubic inches smaller than other gas-powered weed eater engines on our list. But of course, a couple models from this collection still stand out above the rest. The Husqvarna 128LD takes top billing, for example, given its overall balanced body and curved shaft that make it superbly maneuverable.

Shaft Type

For cutting through deep, dense weeds and overgrown grass, it’s helpful if the cutting width is big and the engine is powerful. The Husqvarna 28CC Gas Powered Weed Eater has a large 17-inch cutting swath to cover more ground in less time during normal use. The straight shaft design offers easy operation when trimming around the lawn while the 28cc engine features a simple starter to get up and running quickly. At just under 11 pounds, the weed whacker is also comfortable to hold and use for long periods of time. Ryobi specializes in this category and its newest string trimmer is a case in point.

The Craftsman WC205’s head is even compatible with other brand’s equipment, making it easier to use this model without needing to shell out extra for special attachments later on. But perhaps they could gain a second reputation for quality gas weed whips if the Honda HHT35SLTAT has anything to say about it. This model utilizes a 35cc 4-stroke engine that is significantly more powerful than other units in its class. Despite all that power, this weed eater still starts up with ease.

Practice Cutting Techniques

This method is convenient because it does not require you to bump the machine on the ground, and you always know you have a good amount of string until this pool is empty. The downside to automatic food is that it’s more complex and difficult to repair. The base model, as well as replacement heads, are often more expensive. The Ryobi RY253SS Is a little heavy, though, at 14.27 pounds, and much of the plastic is extremely flimsy. After only a few uses, the guard cracked, and the throttle and safety switch require a conscious effort to use gently, or they will certainly break.

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  • This weed eater can also be equipped with a number of other blade types to allow it to take on tougher trimming jobs.
  • If you need more than just a string trimmer to tidy up your lawn, you’ll save money and storage space with this Ryobi tool.
  • Designed with ease of use in mind, the Husqvarna 129L features a powerful, professional-quality 2-stroke at an affordable price.
  • We then tried corrugated plastic – like political signs you see all over the place during elections.
  • It also includes a weed wacker head, which simplifies line feeding and reloading.
  • The handle also can be positioned so that both right- and left-handed individuals can use the trimmer without a problem.

Comes with an air purge that is responsible for removing excess air from the fuel system. You will never have to worry about the breakdowns caused by the air inside the carburetor. Comes with a recoil starting system that will never waste your time whenever you want to use the device. You will not face any difficulty in starting the device, even in cold weather. And lastly, it is designed with high maneuverability and balance to increase user experience. This technology protects the user from risks such as overheating, overloading, or overcharging.

Cutting Diameter

A pound or more extra weight can really get to you after hours of work. Cardboard tubes with ¼”-thick walls seemed to the be a great medium — for the first few seconds. However, once the trimmer would make it half-way through the cardboard tube, the string would break.

The best gas weed eater for home use is commonly used by people to eliminate weeds and pruning grass in areas up to 20 acres. Outwardly, it is rather difficult to distinguish professional models from household to inexperienced people. Most often home light weed eaters are equipped with a curved bar that can be easily disassembled for the convenience of storage and transportation.

Best Tactical Flashlight Reviews: Ideal For Combat Or Emergency

If you have a lot of trimming and cutting to do – use a shoulder harness. However, if you are using one of the heavier types such as a gas-powered trimmer, a shoulder harness will make your job so much easier and will save your back. Gas-powered trimmers are generally more powerful, they are easier to start, and run more smoothly. The downside of gas-powered models is that they are more expensive, and they still emit fumes, and the 2-cycle engines can be noisy. A gas-powered line trimmer works well in medium to large-sized gardens. They can either be fitted with a 2-cycle engine or a 4-cycle engine.

Is It Time To Ditch That Loud, Polluting, Hard-To-Start, Smelly, Obnoxious Gas-Powered Weed Whacker? - CleanTechnica

Is It Time To Ditch That Loud, Polluting, Hard-To-Start, Smelly, Obnoxious Gas-Powered Weed Whacker?.

Posted: Sun, 23 Sep 2018 07:00:00 GMT [source]

The more money you are willing to spend, the better trimmer you will wind up with. Electric ones are far on the low side of the price range at somewhere around $40 to under $100. Gas-powered weed eaters are better than electric for a few reasons.

Best Weed Trimmer Mower Combo

The 128DJx is also easy to start, which means you can get right to work and finish the job faster. Weed Eater has made a low-priced trimmer that far outperforms trimmers in the moderate to the high-end bracket. While there are some minor faults, this is the ideal trimmer for residential users that want to keep their yard tidy all throughout the year. With immense power, an easy assembly and a curved shaft, users will be able to trim faster and easier with the FX26SCE.

The strimmer itself promises an easy assembly so you can get to work straight away. Another thing which makes this engine great is that it does not require the mixing of gas and oil, whilst remaining lightweight, smooth & powerful. A quick change head also allows you to convert the bump head to a blade in seconds, saving you valuable time.

Gas string trimmers run on a combustion engine with a power between 15 and 22cc. Even the best gas-powered weed eater is not designed to accommodate plastic or metallic blades. Given gas weed trimmer reviews their higher power, these trimmers can be used on large lawn sizes. They do not need connections since you just need to refill them with gas and this enhances their portability.

These cords vary in thickness depending on the toughness of the weeds. For anyone looking for a great value push weed eater that’s powerful enough for thick, uneven brush, the Tazz is a great option. It features a heavy-duty 158cc 4-cycle engine as well as a 22-inch cutting path to make large lawns quick and easy. It also features the 14-inch wheels to help traverse uneven, rocky terrain without getting jammed. Overall, if you have a large, overgrown garden with even the toughest weeds, the Earthquake commercial weed wacker is the tool for the job. If you have a large plot with waist-high weeds and grass, this walk-behind weed eater will make short work of it.

As well as a trimmer, the premium WORX PowerShare String Trimmer & Edger can be easily converted into a wheel edger with no tools required. The 17” cutting swath and straight shaft allow you to tackle just about any trimming job, even in those hard to reach places. The anti-vibration handle also makes it comfortable to use the trimmer. Immense power and precision are what the Poulan Pro PP125 offers. With a 2-cycle engine powered by gas and large cutting width, users are able to cut faster without having to strain in the process. With the high quality that Poulan provides, this is a durable model that has been given over 200 rave reviews from consumers.

Grass weed wackers tend to have much higher torque and will blaze through jobs easily. However, the weight of the motor on top makes them top heavy and it takes practice to manage these. String trimmers are pretty simplistic, but there are a number of variations out there. Here’s the lowdown on some of the features out there to help you decide on the best string trimmer for your needs. Worx makes a line of 20-volt tools, and the batteries are interchangeable. This holds true with their cordless grass trimmer and edger as well.

Its renowned Honda technology provides a powerful, dependable piece of equipment that's well-built, ergonomic, and easy to use. The BC490 is an exceptional trimmer, equipped with a powerful yet lightweight motor and an easy-to-feed bump release. You can easily switch out attachments to tackle all of your yard work with a single unit.


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